A Moment Of Deep Sadness Became An Inspiration For Me

At the end of 2017, a moment of deep sadness became an inspiration for me, without me having any idea in advance. This is how the ALLBYB brand came into being as a part of my life and the foundation of what I am today.

Every day I have to think about how happy I am that through my brand. I have experienced sensations like enthusiasm, passion, and love that were things I have never experienced during my professional career. That is why I am truly grateful. That is why it is remarkably important to me to start every single day with ALLBYB, to push my work forward, to share my dreams with everyone. It is a very special feeling to still experience the enthusiasm of the first day.

ALLBYB has made it possible to bring me together with wonderful people. It became more than just the brand of my mother and me, but of all those who rediscovered their most inner self. The commitment of the people with an open heart for my brand cannot be denied.

On the one hand the social responsibility of the brand has reached many housewives and made sure that they could discover their talent and on the other hand, we could reach the hearts of the children who surrounded us with their beautiful faces and smiles. It has become one of our main goals to make the hearts of the children beat faster.

So when I look back today and see what I learned from my breakdown and how it helped me become what I am today, I am proud of myself and my second half, my brother and my mother who never let me down. I am very grateful to all who have always supported us in this way and helped us from the heart to produce our bags…

I would like to thank everyone for the fact that we have grown together to a more than a large family.

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