All By Burak Salman, a brand that touches the heart!

“A brand that touches the heart” that’s the motto we started our journey with and we’d like to talk about our story.

AllByB is manufactured only in the Republic of Turkiye. Over the course of a very short time, AllByB has made a place for itself in the U.S. market as it keeps up with the essence of the global fashion trends. AllByB understands how accessory elegance can be reinterpreted.

We established the AllByB brand as mother – daughter in 2017. We started this journey to commemorate Burak Salman by raising money for people with limited resources, especially children in need and we are grateful to have the opportunity to be reaching out to them with each bag that’s sold.

Giving direction to fashion, adding joy to children’s lives – even if it’s just an ounce more, using sustainable materials to respect the environment – these are the goals that we constructed for our brand.

We know that the more we collaborate with other brands, the more we will have the opportunity to touch more hearts.

All of AllByB’s bags are handwoven with each knot carrying unfathomably deep emotions.

All designs by AllByB are made of sustainable materials, recycled fabrics. All of AllByB’s designs are inspired by authentic patterns and woven in the traditional Colombian knitting style.

Our priority in our designs is to branch out to the world by uncovering our inner child with colorful threads along with our innovative and distinctive soul.

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