Spring/Summer 2022

IslandMania Collection

Inspired by the naturalism movement, Allbyb SS’22 reflects the vitality and energy of the colors in our nature to eye-catching designs that accompany all looks.

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Spring/Summer 2022

The power of nature inspires each piece of this collection. While the blue of the sea, the yellow of the sun, the green of the tree, and the natural tones of the soil stand out, the patterns that reflect the beauty of natural life also draw attention.

Islandmania Collection reflects the calmness of the island after the vibrant and active life of the city brings together stylish and functional designs that accompany your style.

Reflecting the perfection of handcraft with its unique design line, Allbyb brings different knitting techniques together with leather in the new season. Leather details, which are skillfully used in the designs, come together with rattan, creating a powerful yet impressive look. Knitted bags, whose reference is vivid colors, reflect an eye-catching style attitude and make a difference with their elegance. Canvas bags that accompany every moment of the day and make a difference with their functionality are also the collection’s star.

Offering designs that appeal to different usage areas such as portfolio, backpack, shoulder bag, computer bag, beach bag, and travel bag, this collection combines elegance with timeless style. Modern forms heralding a joyful spring bring 33 timeless pieces to life.

Accompanying every moment of the day, Islandmania will be the most powerful complement to your style.