ALLBYB Means All By Burak Salman

Besides her artistic talent, Ayfer Zeybekoğlu lived always with devotion to her family and children and she endeavored to show them that all creatures deserve to be loved and how much affinity and attachment are important.

Following the sad demise of a family member, she wanted to support the children she loves a lot more than before. Therefore she intended that the company she established to the name of her son to operate solely for charity purposes.

Therefore, she started to design handbags and accessories by bethinking of her son while knitting them in order to touch the heart of aidless children not only in Turkey but all over the world.



This long journey started with meeting the winter requirements of primary school children in İzmit, Karamürsel/Turkey through the income earned in the charity sale of her hand-made bags of the designer. At first 30 pairs of winter boots arrived in the hands of aidless children. The rest of the income was used to provide school supplies to children who shall start the second semester.

Before we introduced online shopping page of our brand, some boutiques were opened within Turkey together with some studies conducted for marketing and social media activities. The income obtained both from the sales of these boutiques and our social media account was used to have a fountain constructed in a primary school in Adıyaman/Turkey.

A fountain was constructed in their green garden instead of their unhealthy water resource that could not have been renewed due to their impossibilities at their school and it has been put into operation now.

We have made donations to the association in the USA called ‘Savethechildren’ from our monthly revenues and commenced a corporate study to make this particular income to reach all of our aidless children all around the world.



Henceforth, we aim to increase the number of association and institution we cooperate and to continue lending a hand not only to children but also to elders and endangered animals, street animals and touching their hearts.

Our mission in Allbyb Design LLC to popularize the name of our bereavement Burak Salman whom we always remember with love, to touch every heart and to carry out great and non-profit projects.

Therefore, we are pleased to be an open company for corporate studies and operations in the world wherever it may be.

Cover Photo by Vitaliy Paykov on Unsplash