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Like every year, this year’s Valentine’s day 💝 excites the romantic couples. Some couples spend the day, as usual, and for some, the 14th of February is one of those special days where they can reflect their feelings and share their love with their loved ones.

So, what’s your plan for this year’s Valentine’s Day? Are you planning on having a romantic candlelit dinner with your beloved one, or are you going to join the singles club and spend this day on your own? Are you planning to go to a romantic movie in the evening, or do you rather prefer a delightful dinner where you and your friends meet? No matter what your Valentine’s Day plan is, there’s only one thing that you should not forget taking with you, which is your bag! Whether you are alone, or you spend your day with your beloved one, there is only one thing you need to think about, your style.

As the ALLBYB Design team, we have a couple of very special style suggestions for Valentine’s day.

Give colors a chance 💄

Who says that the only color of love is red. Would you like to put the tradition aside and spend this Valentine’s Day in color? You can surprise your loved ones by choosing one of the colorful bags from ALLBYB and make a great outfit of it. With tight jeans and a turtleneck sweater, you can prepare a colorful by adding one of the ALLBYB bag models like Signature Starfish or Harmony Yellow.

Romantic touches 💖

If you are one of those who doesn’t give up their romantic styles on Valentine’s Day, you can let yourself support by the vintage pieces of the last years made from lace, satin, and flounce. If the plan for this special night is a candlelit meal, you can choose a satin dress or a simple blouse with lace detailing and combine your outfit with one of the romantic ALLBYB bag models. Picard Red, Mallorca Brown, Signature Glanco or Signature Gypsy… The ALLBYB bags will definitely be the savior of the night, to instantly adapt to any romantic outfit you wish.

Lonely hearts 👊

The fact that you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone does not mean, that you cannot encounter with the love of your life on this special day. Instead of staying at home watching movies, you can go out and feel the atmosphere of this special day in your whole soul, maybe you’ll find the love you’re looking for. You can go for a little walk along the beach with a casual, but yet stylish combo, meet your closest friends and have a little chat. Venice Green or Maribel Black are just a few of the comfortable and stylish ALLBYB models you can use with any outfit.

Post photo credit by Steve Halama

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