Female Entrepreneurship in Fashion

“Ready to be in awe of the immeasurable creations of women who have the privilege to create life.”

– Ayfer Zeybekoglu

Spoiler alert! It is not about Coco Chanel or Sara Blakely… Let’s hear our hero out.

Unfortunately, since the past, “women” have been marginalized in many societies, but were left in the shadow of the male sovereign world. Over time, the woman who learns to stand on her own feet and manages to acquire a place within the sexist approaches has not only carried the burden of her family, she has achieved success in every job she takes. Nowadays, the woman who shows the existence of the law from the economy, from art to science in almost every part, is one of the factors that contribute significantly to the economy of the society, not only to its own economy but also to the community. 

One of the most valuable things in the world of today is women entrepreneurship for who are trying to create awareness in order to reduce the inequality of men and women.

Female entrepreneur defined as a person who organizes and manages an enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk. The number of self-employed women has steadily increased over the past three decades.” – Wikipedia

Female Entrepreneurship from ALL By Burak Salman (ALLBYB) Perspective

When analyzing (no need to try too hard) the history of Women’s entrepreneurship, we can see that the Female Entrepreneurship (We change Women’s and Female words to enjoy purposelessness – It’s been done enough talking about men, male, adult male, gentleman!) has gained an important place (with an incredible and marvelous effort) in the fashion world. The number of women entrepreneurs who created their own brand is less than a dream or an idea to win their own freedom in the Fashion industry. Spoiler alert! We’re not starting to talk about Coco Chanel or Sara Blakely… Let’s hear our hero out:

“Fashion is one of the best industry that creates opportunities and possibilities for women’s entrepreneurship and women’s workforce because of the necessity of creativity that lies in its essence.

Fostering the creativity of women who dare to dream not only empowers them but also empowers all women and the sector in which they create.

Ready to be in awe of the immeasurable creations of women who have the privilege to create life.”

– Ayfer, Lead Designer.

In addition to Ayfer’s comments, women’s entrepreneurship is also an important step to eliminating positive discrimination against women and for women to gain their freedom from patriarchal thinking.

As a female venture company, we are aiming to create a worldwide brand, trying to announce that the location of the woman is not only the center of the house but the center of life.

We believe that women should take more place in the business world, draw our way without giving up our passion, and we strive to build a world where women can only fulfill their own goals, regardless of circumstances.

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