How do we spend time at home? #StayHome

We’re going through a delicate period where time stops almost everywhere in the world, where life is slowing down. We’re all at home, unlike our normal life flow.

As ALLBYB team, we have briefly put together what we can add to ourselves during this period, how we can stay positive in this order that we are not used to.

It is wise advise to stick the daily routine, focus on your mind, your habits and build slowly new ones… Start the day with a fresh cup of coffee or tea is always a good idea.

Adapting to a home-office system is of course not easy for many of us. First of all, keep yourself motivated like you’re going to the office. Also, to set work hours as routine as possible and a dedicated workspace helps create familiarity and discipline in your day. In this way, it can be possible to work efficiently.

On the other hand, many of us are already holding meetings or business meetings over video calls. So how can we look better and how do we feel better?

When you wake up in the morning, a lip balm that will highlight the natural color of your lip, a light bb cream and a very light blush in natural tones will give your skin a fresh and healthy-looking. Take care of yourself, make sure you look and feel good and happy.

Try to include yoga and meditation in your daily ritual without going in front of a computer in the morning or the evening. Lighten your body and mind. Don’t just face the screen. Create a good routine with exercise sessions. The truth is, endorphins are produced when exercising, which increases happiness and interest levels.

Movies, books, games and even exhibitions that you can visit online will be your best friend during this period. It’s more important than ever not to stay connected with our loved ones and take care of each other.

We know we’ll come through these tough times stronger together until then stay home stay safe.

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