Love and commitment!

Despite all the talents that our founder Ayfer Zeybekoglu has, her biggest talent was her love and commitment for her children and family. Due to that she taught her children how to embrace and love everyone.

After the tragic loss of her family, she wanted to support children even more. She became children’s beloved “Aunt Ayfer” and their aunt Ayfer believes that love multiplies as you share so that her company-built behalf of her son, is aimed to be charitable and she got closer to this aim every other day.

She created every step of her designs on behalf of her son in order to touch the children’s heart who are in need not only in Turkey but in the whole world.

The first stop of her journey to keep her son’s name alive was to support the wintery needs of 30 elementary school students in Izmit Karamursel, Turkey. The fountain in Adiyaman she had it built in the name of her son followed.

As children’s “Aunt Ayfer” and AllbyB Design, we do our best to touch children’s heart from all around the world. From the day we started, as the member of charity organization ‘SaveTheChildren’, we donate a part of our annual income in order to reach children who are in need from all around the world.

In our future plan, we have to enhance our charity network and not be limited with only the current charity organizations we are walking with but to help also older people, extinct animals, and stray animals. Our aim is to touch hearts as much as we can.

As AllbyB Design LLC, we are a family company which is open to improving itself while keeping our tragic loss Burak Salman’s name alive throughout the world and aim to achieve bigger charity projects at every point we generate income without profit-making purpose.

We are pleased to be a company that always walk hand in hand with charity organizations from all around the world with our founder Ayfer Zeybekoglu.

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