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Referral Program

What is “Referral Program”

It is a program that for each friend you invite, we will send you a coupon code worth 20% of the total amount of your friend’s order.

The program designed based on a percentage discount (20%) for the entire cart.

For example, if your friend’s cart total is $600 (let’s assume 3 products, each for $200) the system will create a discount coupon of $120 and applies it to your account.

How does “Refer a Friend” work?

To benefit from the program, you must first be registered in the system of ALLBYB ( Registration to the ALLBYB is free and does not require any orders. After registering to the system, you can access the necessary instructions by entering the “Refer a Friend” section on my account page.

If you wish, let’s elaborate on a simple example scenario.

  1. – Hailey registers to with her social media account.
  2. – Hailey goes to “my account” page and,
  3. – Clicking on the “Refer a Friend” section
  4. – Then she copies “Your Referral URL”.
  5. – And shares it with her from social media (or elsewhere as she wishes).
  6. – Alex, a friend of Hailey, visits ALLBYB by using Hailey’s Referral URL.
  7. – Alex likes and purchases three bags worth $600.
  8. vThe system automatically generates a $120 worth discount coupon to Hailey.
  9. – Now Hailey can get a clutch bag with her $120 worth coupon code without paying any money!

If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.

Last Update: Feb 2020