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Backpacks, which are one of the most comfortable accessories of our everyday life, are still fashionable this season. Thanks to their comfort, their practicality and their ability to keep a lot of stuff inside, they seem to be becoming one of the trendiest accessories of the fashion year 2019. They are used generally for school or with casual outfits or streetwear, especially in spring and summer but with the variety of models and colors, they can be used all around the year with every outfit and style. If you wish, this timeless bag model, which adds a distinct flair to your style when combined with the right pieces, you can use it in your sports combinations and for the evening occasions when you want to be elegant and stylish.

How to combine backpacks?

Before starting to prepare a stylish combination, the first thing to consider is to what kind of outfit your bag should fit. For example, clutch bags are usually used with evening dresses, office styles or for elegant invitations. Cross-strap bags are models which fit very well with tights and T-shirts in sports combinations. Even if backpacks are known for being used in casual and daily combinations, they are among the few bag models that can keep up with different outfit combinations. For example, you can either prefer ALLBYB’s all-handmade Grace Brown backpacks, which have a more bohemian style that fits with shabby outfits and became very trendy in recent years or you can prefer one of the knitting pattern models as Grace White and Grace Black which are more suitable with your office style or your outfit for special invitations or you can effortlessly create elegant and powerful styles using your vintage combinations. The only thing you need to pay attention to is your posture when you wear backpacks which give you an independent and free look, especially with jeans shorts and bootie shoe models. If you have a humpback posture when you wear a backpack, it can lead to a bad, conspicuous image and adversely affect your style. Therefore, you should always consider not filling your bag with too many things when you prefer a backpack combination and you should carry it with an upright posture.

If you want to get into the backpack fashion, which is one of the most popular trends of recent years and to have a bag model that fits your own style, you can explore ALLBYB’s environmentally friendly and 100% hand-crafted models. With these particular bags, you are able to combine comfortable and sophisticated outfits.

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