Stylish and Comfortable: Boho-chic Shoulder Bags

🌈 Retro trends are among the most popular trends in recent years. The most remarkable character of the retro trends is unquestionably bohemian fashions (often referred to as “boho” or “boho chic”).

Bohemian fashion is reflecting the 60s and 70s romantic and vintage mood into combinations. The bohemian term (in fact it means gypsy), which combines loose trousers, long-cut dresses, relaxed and free cuts, is actually transformed into a way of life. The bohemian movement, which is free and artist-spirited, who does not like the restriction and does not like molded, refers to the clothing styles of the people. It is not only in festivals but also in our daily lives.

The most prominent pieces of bohemian style are bell-bottoms, maxi or mini patterned dresses, kimono, tassels, knitted clothes and, of course, bags. The bohemian shoulder bags, which bring the vintage spirit along with the modern look, are the choice of many women with their daily comfort and the different vogue they add to the combinations. The bohemian shoulder bags, which are frequently used in batik and floral patterns, needlework, tassels, and beads, instantly adds charisma to the simplest combination of basic outfits.

ALLBYB aims to offer you the most suitable bohemian shoulder bags for your unique style with different designs and models. By designing by completely original techniques, ALLBYB boho-chic shoulder bags (produced with recyclable materials) will become an essential accessory of your daily life. 

Reflecting a combination of modern and ethnic posture: Mallorca Brown and Mallorca Black.

Lea Turquoise and Maribel Red come into your life with color and fun.

Or the Venice Green, which offers practicability and convenience.

You can easily use ALLBYB boho-chic shoulder bags, not only in bohemian combinations but also in casual, sport or office combinations that where you can find all the colors and patterns that fit your style and taste.

If you want to add your own take to sustainable boho fashion and get yourself a unique shabby chic look, ALLBYB should be your first choice!

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