🍉 Keep an eye out for neon colors this summer! The irresistible charm of neon orange and pink will lure you in while neon purple and green will take you to the magical beauty of the northern lights.

The combination of fluorescent colors with beige and grey tones creates a quieter and cooler look.

The look is so stunning, and the neon colors of the accessories are equally amazing. The use of these colors not only in clothing but also in bags and accessories is a strong mark.

You can combine a glamorous, neon-colored dress with your Wayuu bag, which resembles a rainbow with its colors.

Green of nature 🌿

If we add the green of nature, the yellow of the sun and the blue of the seas in a downgrading way to clothing and accessories, we will feel the pleasant sensation of beautiful warm summer evenings.

Everything is colorful 🌈

After the fluorescent colors of summer, all the colors take their place. From trousers to dresses, skirts to shirts everything is colorful…

All accessories are eye-catching and colorful. White and black, which balance these vibrant colors that give dynamism to the look, follow them step by step together with them or solo.

The strong accessories, which combine lines, geometric shapes and ethnic details with vibrant colors, give the silhouette a glamorous elegance and reflect the free spirit of the summer months. Nobody can say no to an energetic look, can they?

The most striking designs of the summer trends 2019 are the Bohemian details and of course the flowers, which are indispensable for high fashion. The fringe details that we have seen in the fashion scene over the last few seasons will be seen again.

This look focuses on black, white, taba and pastels as well as strong natural stone colors.

Bohemian details 🕶

When it comes to Bohemian details, don’t forget to invest in handmade designs in the new season. Crochet patterns, macramé appliqués, and accessories that have been on the rise in recent seasons prove their strength in this season.

Wild patterns inspired by nature should not be forgotten. The leopard patterns and snake leather structures we saw everywhere in the autumn and winter season are back on stage this summer. Although it may seem challenging to be dressed in this style from head to toe, a clutch bag can be combined with a minimalist dress or simple blouse and trousers to attract attention.

And the shift from day to night…

We announce the party style code of the season. Everything that is furry, crystal, fringed and gorgeous. The bags, which attract attention with their crystal stone details, stand out on the summer evenings. These accessories, which increase the glamour, lend elegance to your look and reflect your style, which underlines the trends of the season.

And thank you for reading this. I appreciate the monthly opportunity to think, reflect, and share in my blog column in ALLBYB.

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