Time to meet Ultra Coffee!

Many of us start the day with the delicious smell of coffee. Coffee which is the beverage that most of us prefer to drink as soon as we wake up, has many benefits. It reduces the risk of diabetes as well as the risk of developing Alzheimers, and it speeds up our metabolism…

Perhaps a latte, an americano or an espresso… In the last twenty years, we have been witnessing waves of change in our coffee drinking habits. So could Ultra Coffee be a substitute for these habits?

What is Ultra Coffee?

Imagine a coffee potion in a tiny bottle. Ultra Coffee is exactly that. With 20 times more intense aroma, compared to the usual coffee, Ultra Coffee is actually an extract taken from pure roasted coffee beans. You can transform a spoonful of Ultra Coffee into any coffee drink of your choice. By following the preparation instructions, you can make a delicious iced coffee or a mug of hot coffee. Whether you feel like having an espresso or an americano…

Jot, the creator of Ultra Coffee, is also a brand that advocates sustainability. Directly focused on its consumers, the company only uses organic “Fair Trade beans,” and is also the creator of this revolutionary process.  By obtaining 30% more infusion from each bean, they reduce waste.

With a sales prices of 24 dollars, Jot comes in 14 portions of 6.8 ounce glass bottles.

Preserving freshness and offering prime quality coffee, Ultra Coffee is certainly going to be one of the prominent coffee choices in the future. Especially when it has never been a better time for a new coffee experience. The quickest way to indulge in a prime quality coffee, will Jot succeed in becoming coffee-lovers’ favorite?

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