We’re with you to add color to your life! #StayHome

The definition of being in the city, getting into crowds changes with the corona virus agenda.

There’s no one in LA’s famous slopes, hip corners. If you gathered on Fifth Avenue in New York, maybe 20 people a day walks, maybe not walking. There is nobody in Times Square, which always attracts attention with its crowd. US streets are empty, from California to Washington DC.

We want to add some color to your life in this difficult period when we are all at home just out for our needs. Unfortunately, we are at a time when we attach extra importance to hygiene and go to the market even with masks and gloves. Of course, we do not forget the social distance.

Our bags, which offer ease of use at any time of the day, are ready to accompany you during this period. We embrace a minimal style line with color and pattern notes. The keyword of our designs is freedom. In this era when our freedom is restricted, perhaps what we need most is a little color to our lives. All of our designs are produced in specially disinfected hygienic environments. They attract attention not only with their ease of use but also with its erasability.

You can choose the one you need most from different collections and add some color to your life and dynamism to your style in these difficult days.

Stay with love and above all, take care of your health.

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