We’re Touring Museums Online!

If you’re bored during the quarantine period and you can’t stop the love of art inside you, you don’t have to go from one end of the world to the other anymore. In addition to the famous museums, current events in the art calendar have also been shown online. At the same time, with the Google Arts & Culture app, all art routes are now at your fingertips. Below is the list we have prepared for you.

We hope that we can enjoy your day in these difficult times…

1-Musée d’Orsay, Paris

The Musée d’Orsay, one of the largest museums in Europe, opens its doors to its virtual visitors this time. The Musée d’Orsay is home to eye-catching works by French painters, sculptors and contemporary artists.

2- Guggenheim, New York

The Guggenheim, which stands out for its post-modern architecture, is now at your fingertips. Add the Guggenheim museum to your digital agenda, which opens its doors to art lovers, with a selection of works by painters such as Picasso, Bauer and Chagall.

3- MASP, São Paulo

You don’t have to change continents anymore to visit Brazil’s first modern museum, MASP, now it’s a click away. Behind this architectural landmark in Sao Paulo is the modernist genius Lina Bo Bardi.

4- The British Museum, London

The world-famous The Bristish Museum offers a large part of its collection online to everyone. If you stay in pursuit, you may also get the chance to see other pieces of the collection that have been made public some days.

5- The Dalí Theatre&Museum – Girona, Spain

The Dalí Theatre&Museum is home to all of Salvador Dalí’s artworks. You can visit the inside of the museum and several collections online, with many exhibitions surrounding every period of Dalí’s career.

And more below:

J Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles – getty.edu

Vatican Museums, Rome – museivaticani.va

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam – rijksmuseum.nl

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, South Korea – mmca.go.kr

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