The Story

ALLBYB was founded in April 2017 after the passing away of Burak Salman, which represented a great loss for our family. We named the company after him in an aim to cherish his memory each and every moment. “All by Burak Salman” was a person with a colorful and different character, who unconditionally showed his affection towards everyone.

All by Burak Salman

Burak also spent some of his life in Philadelphia. We have made it our priority to integrate his colorful character into our products.

With the income we yield from our products, we aim, in the name of Burak Salman, to help needy children and contribute to the preservation of the environment both in Turkey and the USA. To this end, a part of our monthly income is regularly donated to the organization Save the Children, an organization we support with all our heart. We aim, in the long run, to reach and help a greater number of children and to execute renewal projects for our children to renovate schools and healthcare settings with poor conditions.

We know that the greatest richness in this life is to touch the heart and soul of people. Besides our designer and founder, our bags are produced by women who are all housewives who have no jobs. We are very happy that we have opened them a door already at the outset of our enterprise, where we can help them to bring to light their uncovered talents they themselves are not even aware of.

We aim, in our young enterprise we started up this year, to maintain a sustainable growth and market our products completely made of recycled materials all across the globe. For this reason, we have concentrated our efforts on establishing our despatch system for global shipments from the very first day.

“For my bags, I’ve used yarn made of old t-shirts, all recyclable and sustainable materials.”

I couldn’t have imagined that I would create these bags, but something just poured out from the spring deep in me in less than a month as I kept thinking that I needed to do something for my son, Burak’s memory. For my bags, I’ve used yarn made of old t-shirts, all recyclable and sustainable materials. I’m quite proud to present my bags to you.

Thank you.

The City of Brotherly Love

ALLBYB Design LLC was officially established in 2018 in Philadelphia, US. Besides its business activities in the US, the company has also begun to serve its clientele in Turkey with a base in Istanbul.

The hand-made bags we produce in our company and the cords used in bags are derived from recycled t-shirts. In this sense, we continue our business activities in an approach with utmost care for the environment.

All by Burak Salman

Lead Designer Ayfer Zeybekoglu with her daughter Pinar Salman who is the Director of ALLBYB Design LLC.
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As our products are made of recycled materials from raw materials to end product, we define our products as “upcycle“.


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