Fall/Winter 2021/22

Sound Of Nature

ALLBYB, Inspired by Fascinating Portraits of Life, presents a new Collection.

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Fall/Winter 2021/22

Interpreting its designs with a modern line and giving the best examples of fine craftsmanship, ALLBYB draws its inspiration from the power of colors and sounds in nature in its Fall/Winter 2021/22 “Sound Of Nature” collection.

Turning eco-friendly materials into luxury and timeless bags, ALLBYB welcomes its designs produced by local women craftsmen to the magical world of colors. The brand, which gives clear clues about the quality of its products with its motto “Carry Love Wherever You Go,” also makes positive emotions portable thanks to its mission based on sustainability. The 19-piece Fall/Winter 2021 “Sound Of Nature” collection, whose reference is fascinating portraits of natural life, presents natural and warm textures transformed into designs.

Silhouettes and minimal forms heralding a warm winter bring together tones inspired by nature and timeless pieces. Emphasizing a plain and simple style in the Fall/Winter 2021/22 season, wool textures raise the temperature and draw attention to sophisticated looks.

Reflecting artisanal craftsmanship in every detail, the designs combine different knitting techniques with leather. While the leather details used skillfully in the designs capture an impressive appearance and strong, the elegance of the knitted pieces draws attention.

Patterns reflecting the beauty of natural life, contrast lines, earth, and khaki tones form the DNA of the collection. ALLBYB, which demonstrates the concept of sustainability in its collections, brings an innovative perspective to contemporary aesthetics by combining textures such as leather, wool, and ethamine thread with eye-catching details.