Adelie Collection

an elegant touch!

A unique collection inspired by the bright colors of the rainbow and the round silhouette of the moon.
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Adelie Collection

Always adding an elegant touch to the appearance, Adelie Collection makes a difference with the play of patterns and textures.
We embrace spring’s wind of change with bold silhouettes and a dazzling line of style. The motto of the appearances diversified with bright colors from yellow to orange and green to purple is just freedom…
Reflected on the designs as “ALLBYB” aesthetics, this diversity comes to life each season through colors in extraordinary Adelie Collection.
Likewise, “Adelie Collection” features a spectacular diversity inspired by the colorful habitat of nature. Being entirely handmade, this collection also highlights designs that combine colorful and timeless styles.

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220 W. Rittenhouse SQ Apt
Philadelphia PA 19103
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