A Simple Approach to Bags: Minimalism

Minimalism, which is based on the philosophy of less is more, is a trend that dates back to the 1960s.

This trend, which is based on simplifications in all areas of life, from decoration to lifestyle, thoughts or daily order, has been the subject of many famous brand and designer outfits and accessories as it included fashion. The main purpose of minimalism, which is reflected in the collections of famous brands such as Coco Chanel, Calvin Klein, Pierre Cardin, and Prada, is to create a simple, comfortable and striking elegance, without being extreme in clothing and accessories.

Minimalism In Bags

Minimalism in fashion is not a trend that is used exclusively in clothing. From shoes to hair accessories, from jewelry to bags, it aims at simplicity in almost every area and style. One of the most successful examples of the current that flows under the motto of effortless elegance is the minimalist bag models. What are the characteristics of minimalist bags? How to use minimalist bag models? Let’s explore them together.

The first detail in minimalist handbags is simplicity. Designed with predominantly black, white, grey and cream tones, there are no eye-catching patterns or confusing details. The most important feature of the models, which can be pepped up with details such as light paillettes, glitter or needlework without being beyond simplicity, is the integrity of the combination which is not too eye-catching.

Minimal bag models, which are appreciated especially by those who prefer a simple style, are neither too small nor too big. They can easily adapt to your daily use and you will be able to carry all the items you need conveniently. For these bag models, we recommend the use of metal accessories or tassels with the same color as the bag or small needlework.

The Grace Line

You can choose a monochrome style if you combine minimal bags with predominantly single-color use. Our bags Grace Burgundy, Grace Blanc, Grace Black, and Grace White will accompany you in harmony with this type of combination that will give you a stylish and striking look.

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