How can you extend the lifetime of a bag?

Do you have a passion for bags? If yes, you probably purchase new bag models almost every season in a row. Don’t hesitate to answer yes to this because we all have the same trouble here.

You better not forget to consider some aspects of bag care if your bag becomes worn out just after a single season. You can apply some of the usage details below that we’ve prepared for you to long term use of your bags.

Bag inside bag

If you prefer large bags or it is bigger than as usual, you can insert another (small and thin) bag inside of your bag. Then you can put all your possible trouble-maker (nail polish, lipstick, perfume, deodorant, water, etc.) belongings into this smaller bag.

Try baking paper (instead of newspaper)

Your bags lose their shape not only when they are overused, but also when they are used wrong. Firstly, always keep your bag filled, that’s the key. The first thing which we generally use in this case is a newspaper, but newspapers can leave dirt and dust on your bag. Therefore, the safest method is to fill the inside of your bag with baking paper to keep its shape.

Separating the fluids (yep!)

When you place items like perfume, a bottle of water, cologne, etc. inside your bag, there is always the possibility to experience a bad surprise. If you want to prevent fluids from ruining your bag, you should always put them in a plastic bag and place this one in your bag, to ensure the safety of your bag. If it sounds too academic for you please go back to the first section.

Rain, snow, mud means tragedy!

Many bags are sold with a waterproof seal, but sometimes even the smallest drop of water on your bag can leave a mark. Don’t believe them. Bags do not good with water even real leather ones. There is plenty of conditioner & waterproofing sprays for leather or fabric bags.

Weekly care

Periodic care is actually the secret of this tricky business. The safest way is cleaning with damp of cloth once a week.

Bonus: Stay away from wet wipes, they all chemical.

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