While our lives progressed in the normal flow not too long ago, our routines started to change just like everybody else’s in the world. Spending most of our time at home caused us to reconsider our habits.

How should be care for the world in a better way? Perhaps, by changing our former habits and routines…

Transportation Choices Change

One of the areas where fuel consumption that directly causes air pollution occurs most frequently in daily life is transportation. Instead of driving, walk or cycle as much as possible to both protect your personal health and minimize the damage to the environment.

Reducing Energy Consumption

The most important investment for our future is to save energy. You may shift to an environment-friendly life style by consuming less water and power in your living space.

Canvas or Linen Shopping Bags Instead of Plastic Bags!

In parallel with the changing world, it is time to toss away disposable bags from our lives. We have started to take measures against the use of the plastic bag and now, having a canvas or linen bag with us while going shopping which provides more benefits than we can think. As they are more durable compared to plastic or paper bags, we can carry more products and wash them whenever we wish.

One of the highlights of the season is the Gucci shopping bag attracting attention with its flower pattern or the Marni that will add a dynamic touch to your style with its stripes.

And of course, a handmade AllByB selection dazzling with its black&white contrast Wayuu pattern is entirely available for you.

Recycling Pet Bottles

Where does all this plastic come from? Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) states that disposable water and soda bottles are the biggest causes of plastic waste. Buying reusable bottles instead of plastic ones or increasing the use of glass products in your home will help reduce the damage that we cause to the environment.  Carrying a flask to purchase coffee as a habit is healthier and can be a good start for us to become more environmentally-conscious.

Sustainable Fashion Approach

For a long while, we have been facing the fact that the resources that we have been consuming are depleting. The brands and designers that adopt a sustainable fashion approach and carry out production accordingly are increasing day by day. We are aware that the production habits of the fashion industry that damage the environment are beginning to change and that this industry is taking firm steps towards a more ethical and environmental direction. Many brands worldwide stand out with their sustainable collections.

As AllByB, we are happy to be among these brands. Most of the materials that we use in the production of our bags support environmentally friendly and sustainable fashion. As a pioneer of sustainable fashion, we support longevity by taking inspiration from the season’s trends. This inspiration and environmental approach help us to create designs that we may use conveniently every season.


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