PRE-FALL 20 Spotlight: Return to Nature

These days, the world seems to be a place which is governed by limitations. We are surrounded with places we cannot go to, things we cannot do or see. As we stay put in our homes during these times, nature is replenishing. We are finally waking up to the fact that we must make peace with nature rather than wage war against it. With the hope of seeing an end to this period, we are also conscious of the fact that we will be stepping into a completely new beginning and that the world will not ever be the same again.

The fashion industry, which is one of the sectors that involves the highest level of consumption, like the rest of the world, has also been seriously impacted by the Corona virus pandemic. This season’s collection actually reflects the new perspective of fashion that we will be introduced to following quarantine.

Neutral tones, prints inspired from nature and especially the emphasis on sustainable material are the focal points of all collections. The star element of all the collections is comfort, inviting us to break free from the chaos of city life and reunite with what we miss most – our essence, nature. Bright colors that boost our energy also attract attention in the coming season. If you want to boost your style, making it more dynamic, orange will be the go-to color. Coming to life in minimal forms, inspired by the hue of the skies and determined by Pantone as the color of 2020, the classic blue is a dominating shade in almost all collections.

We will also witness the growing trend of timeless pieces throughout the season. When observing all the collections, which are inspired from youth and the discovery of nature, we feel the search for adventure, the feeling of freedom and new experiences. With their awe-inspiring promotional shootings, Gucci and Miu Miu make a tactile entrance into the season.

With Demna Gvasalia sitting in its creative director seat, world famous fashion house Baleciaga’s FW20-21 fashion show presented new forms and stage shows that were out of this world. With the titles “Rebirth of the Planets” and “Where is the Water Going?” the brand places serious emphasis on the issue of climate change. With this dramatic performance, the first three rows of seats at the show were left empty to reflect the dimension of the climate threat.

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