The trend of the season are embroidered clutches

One of the special trends of the fashion world are clutches and this season they decorate your combinations with colorful and funny models. In the beginning, clutch bags were worn only for invitations and special occasions, but today you can see them everywhere like in street fashion or sporty outfits. Clutch bags go very well with colorful clothes, especially in summer, and were initially produced as small, rather square models. Today, however, they are available in the most varied sizes and shapes.

Free and dynamic combinations

The biggest difference between clutch bags and other bag models is that they can be worn easily and that they are very practical. Especially women who don’t like to wear big bags prefer them and even if they are seen as summer fashion, they are becoming an important fashion item of the whole year due to new models and creations. Clutch bags will give your clothing combinations a completely different look and the most fashionable clutch bags at the moment are those with embroidery.

The fashion of embroidery was about to be forgotten and in the last few years, it has managed to return to our present fashion world. Nowadays we see this art almost everywhere, for example on shoes or jeans. But embroidery goes best with clutch bags. These beautiful products create a free and dynamic style and you can easily create great combinations with them. Clutch bags will definitely become your favorites, be it summer or winter.

But where can you get this important trend of the season? Clutch bags that give bohemian flair to the modern look can be found at Allbyb in different colors and different models. These bags are handcrafted by Allbyb from reusable materials. Our bag models, which you should have in your wardrobe, are Harmony Flower for daily use, Signature Gypsy for special occasions and Adelie Black & Red for more simple and bohemian outfits. These bags come in a variety of embroidery designs such as sequins, stones, and beads so you can add a special flair to your style.

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